In a world where consistency is key, the Flame City Basis stands tall as a true testament to reliability and performance. With years of proven success under its belt, this powerhouse is ready to revolutionize your approach to weed management.

🔥 Sustainable Solutions: Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to a greener future with our non-toxic weed management solution. Perfect for gardens and agriculture alike, the Flame City Basis offers a safe and eco-friendly alternative for (semi) paved surfaces.

🚜 Seamless Integration: Versatility is our middle name! Whether you’re working with tool carriers or tractors, our machine seamlessly attaches to your existing equipment, making setup a breeze. Plus, with wheels at the back for optimal height adjustment, you’ll enjoy precise control and maximum efficiency with every use.

City Basis 100 City Basis 150 City Basis 175
Working width 100 cm 150 cm 175 cm
Capacity 2000 m2/h 3000 m2/h 3500 m2/h
Working speed 1,5-4 km/h 1,5-4 km/h 1,5-4 km/h
Gas consumption 5,4 kg/h 8,1 kg/h 9,5 kg/h
Co2 Production 16 kg/h 24 kg/h 29 kg/h
Weight (excl. Tank) 240 kg 280 kg 300 kg
Soot Nihil Nihil Nihil

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Designed for garden- and agriculture.
Universal attach in the three-point linkage of your tractor

Can be used on medium to large surfaces (paved/ and semi-paved), for example:

  • Nurseries, greenhouse and agriculture (desinfect greenhouse floors as well)
  • At bus stops and service areas
  • Outside hospitals and office buildings
  • Industrial sites
  • City squares
  • etc, etc