Why Weed Control

A good question! Because of the many suppliers on the market, you are a bit overwhelmed.
Every supplier claims to have the best technique, the main question is now; what is the best technique? And why should I choose Weed Control specifically?

Is 1 technique better than the other?
We know that it is a difficult choice for everyone, how do I best deal with the weeds, with hot air, open flame, brushing or maybe with hot water. The same goal is achieved in every way in the thermal weed management. The weeds are heated, the plant is cooked and dies.
With every thermal technique the proteins solidify around 67 degrees and the leaf cells crack at 80 degrees. The root is not directly affected by any technique. However, it does get a depletion, the plant wants to restore its leaf green by sending energy from the root upwards. In this way, the plant eventually dies completely after a number of repetitions.

The difference
It is important for you to considerthe differences when looking at price, maintenance, driving speed and reliability. It is precisely for these reasons that many municipalities, entrepreneurs and gardeners have already preceded you with the purchase of the Weed Control machines. Our machines can be built universally, have a low weight, are completely soot-free and can work for a full day without having to refuel.

Years of experience
Since 2000 Weed Control is already actively engaged in non-toxic weed control. In addition, since 2012 we have been affiliated with Stichting-NCO (non-chemical weed control) to keep abreast of the changing rules and legislation (mainly in the Netherlands). Through our years of knowledge and experience, we are aware of the optimal operation of non-toxic weed management. This allows us to develop and produce machines for almost every issue.

Extensive distribution network
The machines from Weed Control can be purchased from our distributors. They have the right knowledge and experience for advice, maintenance and repair. In any case, you know that you are not only assured of the best machines, but also of the best dealers. With a heart for your interests and those of your clients.