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PROTOTYPE – Electric Flail Mower, by AllTrec

7 July 2023
The powerful 8015F electric tool carrier can soon be equipped with an electric flail mower for cutting weeds, grass and light brush. In 2021, AllTrec introduced the MD270. To date, this is the world’s only fully electric rotary deck for wide area mowers. The 2.7 meter wide rotary deck can be front-mounted to the 8015F…
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Announcement NEW AllTrec 4wheel with cab

9 February 2021
Finally, we can share! As a sustainable partner of AllTrec, we are just as proud as the producer itself of this fantastic development and launch. Powerful, comfortable and suitable for all weather conditions, we are talking about the new Alltrec 8015F! We launched the 4810T at the end of 2018. A tricycle that can be…
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Rental machinery

4 January 2021
Click here for our rental fleet and prices  
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