Select 350 Select 500 Select 750
Working width 35 cm 50 cm 75 cm
Capacity 1000 m2/hr 1500 m2/hr 2000 m2/hr
Working speed 1,5-4 km/hr 1,5-4 km/hr 1,5-4 km/hr
Gas consumption 1,1 kg/hr 1,5 kg/hr 2,2 kg/hr
Co2 Production 3,3 kg/hr 4,4 kg/hr 6,6 kg/hr
Weight (Excl. Tank) 55 kg 65 kg 75 kg
Soot Nihil Nihil Nihil

Brochure FLAME serie


Specially designed for the gardener,

very suitable for small to medium-sized private areas/gardens/parking.
(paved/ and semi-paved surfaces)

With the optional hand lance hard to reach places such as corners and edges can be simply and quikly removed from weed and vegetation (spot wise threatment).

  • Hard to reach places, such as benches and dustbins, around pales, corners and road edges
  • Narrow passages and alleys
  • Along walls, curbs and pedestrian-/  cycle paths
  • Shopping and city centers
  • Around schools, playgrounds and kindergartens
  • Nurseries and horticulture
  • Bus stops and platforms
  • at hospitals and offices
  • Cemeteries, flowerbeds and gardens (city parks)
  • Housing corporations and private areas
  • Busy (public) areas
  • etc, etc