6057.1850 FLAME Puntbrander
6057.1880 FLAME Jetbrander
6058.1950 FLAME Super handbrander
6059.0010 FLAME Powerjet Trolly
6059.0005 FLAME Powerjet 168mm
6059.0006 FLAME Powerjet 100mm
6058.0000 FLAME Super Trolly
6060.0001 FLAME HB Powerbrander 60mm
6048.3150 Gaspatroon 330 gram

Brochure FLAME serie


Can be used on small to medium surfaces (paved/ and semi-paved), for example:

  • Hard to reach places, such as benches and dustbins, around pales, corners and road edges
  • Narrow passages and alleys
  • Along walls, curbs and pedestrian-/  cycle paths
  • Shopping and city centers
  • Around schools, playgrounds and kindergartens
  • Nurseries and horticulture
  • Bus stops and platforms
  • at hospitals and offices
  • Cemeteries, flowerbeds and gardens (city parks)
  • Housing corporations and private areas
  • Busy (public) areas
  • etc, etc