Zero emissions, All Wheel Drive, a comfortable cabin and IoT for next-level aftersales capabilities.

The AllTrec 8015F is an innovative electric tool carrier that fully complies with the climate agreement and is ready for intensive professional use.

Work during the day and recharge overnight.

Developed entirely from scratch, without unnecessary energy consumers, makes the 8015F an extremely efficient machine. With a battery capacity of up to 70 kWh, this electric tool carrier has enough stamina for a full working day.

The 8015F is multifunctional. In addition to mowing grass, users can brush and thermally control weeds. Clearing leaves is also possible with a quiet, powerful leaf blower. With a comfortable cabin (more on the Cabin) and All Wheel Drive, the versatile 8015F is very suitable for use all year round.

All versions come with our own ATC system (more on Advanced Torque Control) and an energy-saving steering system called EPAS (more on Electric Power Assisted Steering). ATC ensures maximum grip, pleasant steering characteristics and a specific power delivery that suits different working conditions. An IoT module (more about IoT) ensures that the 8015F is continuously connected to the internet, allowing enormous amounts of data to be collected and analysed. This data is then used for product improvement and support, fleet management, making it possible to increase the efficiency of the machine and share important information with clients.

Optional with:

  • 2WD or AWD
  • Cabin
  • Luxury air suspension seat
  • Battery capacity from 35 to 70 kWh
  • Battery heater
  • Rear ePTO

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The perfect all-rounder with an inexhaustible work ethic!

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