Edge cutting/ cultivate, brushing and blowing in one pass

🌿 Say Goodbye to Manual Labor – Introducing the Edgecutter!

Tired of the back-breaking work required to tame overgrown grass edges? With the Edgecutter, those days are over! In just one swift pass, this revolutionary tool transforms unruly edges into sleek and precise borders – no manual labor required.

💨 Effortless Efficiency: Cut, cultivate, brush, and blow – the Edgecutter does it all with ease, leaving behind perfectly manicured edges without ever damaging the surface. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be placed directly beside the front wheel of the WeedTrac*, ensuring close and linear follow-up of pavement edges.

🚀 Unmatched Maneuverability: Navigate tight corners and angled bends with ease, thanks to the Edgecutter’s exceptional maneuverability. No more struggling to reach those hard-to-access areas – with this powerhouse by your side, every edge is within reach.

📏 Precision Guaranteed: With unique depth control and a tight result guaranteed, you can trust the Edgecutter to deliver flawless borders every time. Say goodbye to uneven edges and hello to professional-quality results that will leave your clients impressed.

💰 Cost-Effective Solution: Not only does the Edgecutter offer unmatched performance, but it also boasts high capacity and low costs per square meter. It’s the ultimate combination of efficiency, affordability, and quality – making it a must-have tool for any landscaping professional.

Brush diameter 30 cm
Required hydraulic EW 25L /min
Brush adjustment Hydraulic
Knife adjustment – height Hydraulic

Brochure STEEL serie

* More information about the mentioned Traction machine ‘WeedTrac’ ? Feel free to contact us!
WeedTrac is a toolcarrier with a quick change system and a large selection of tools available.



  • Hard to reach places, such as benches and dustbins, around pales, corners and road edges
  • Narrow passages and alleys
  • Along walls, curbs and pedestrian-/  cycle paths
  • Around schools, playgrounds and kindergarten
  • Nurseries and horticulture
  • at hospitals and offices
  • Cemeteries, flowerbeds and gardens (city parks)
  • Bus stops and platforms
  • Housing corporations and private land
  • Parkings
  • Industrial sites
  • Along main and highways
  • Finishing of larger weed control projects
  • in short, every place with grass edges