In 2021, AllTrec introduced the MD270. To date, this is the world’s only fully electric rotary deck for wide area mowers. The 2.7 meter wide rotary deck can be front-mounted to the 8015F electric tool carrier. This combination has since been used to cut thousands of hectares of grass. Not always in conditions where a rotary mower deck is the best tool for the job.
But. If there is no other suitable possibility to cut grass under these conditions without noise and emissions, you work with what is available.

From there, the idea of developing an electric flail mower was born. A proof of concept is now ready, and the first tests are done. After about 6 hours of non-stop mowing, all the grass on AllTrec’ s test field was gone. The results?

Battery state of charge: 40%
Motor and inverter temperature: well within limits
Cutting result: to satisfaction

These results give us an indication of how much energy is used while flail mowing and help us assess that professional users can also use this attachment for full shifts (+- 8hr’s) on a single charge. The working width of this prototype is 130 cm. The final product is planned to be around 150 cm of working width.

Being the perfectionists that the manufacturer, there’s still plenty of room for improvement but we’re off to a good start!




The powerful 8015F electric tool carrier can soon be equipped with an electric flail mower for cutting weeds, grass and light brushing.