The AIR Trolly Pack has been specially developed for control weeds in hard to reach areas.
Around poles, along walls and road edges, under street furniture and in narrow passages and alleys where the weeds grow steadily.
The AIR Trolly Pack is ideal for treating these difficult places. Also ideal for inner cities and for the finishing of larger weed control projects.
In the development has been paid special attention to the ease of operation, so that the machine is suitable for every type of user.
Trusted by municipalities and social employment boards, this versatile machine ensures seamless usability for a variety of tasks.

Working width 20 cm
Working temperature 190°C – 290°C
Capacity 700 m²
Fuel LPG/Propaan
Gas consumption 1,1 kg/hr
Working speed 1,5-4 km/hr
Weight (excl. Tank) 55 kg
Engine Honda GX120 with compressor

The AIR Trolly Pack can be optionally supplied with a hot-air bin at the front side.
This is equipped with a 3x15kW hot-air burner head.
For this, the AIR Trolly Pack is modified at the front side for stability.

Brochure AIR serie



Can be used on small to medium surfaces, for example:

  • Hard to reach places, such as benches and dustbins, around pales, corners and road edges
  • Narrow passages and alleys
  • Along walls, curbs and pedestrian-/  cycle paths
  • Shopping and city centers
  • Around schools, playgrounds and kindergartens
  • Bus stops and platforms
  • at hospitals and offices
  • Cemeteries, flowerbeds and gardens (city parks)
  • Housing corporations and private areas
  • Busy (public) areas
  • Finishing of larger weed control projects
  • etc, etc