Working width 20 cm
Working temperature 190°C – 290°C
Capacity 700 m²
Fuel LPG/Propaan
Gas consumption 1,1 kg/hr
Working speed 1,5-4 km/hr
Transportspeed tot 45 km/hr
Engine Honda GX120 with compressor


Brochure AIR serie


The AIR Handunit Quadno is compatible with a Yamaha Grizzly 450 4WD EPS. However, this machine can be built on various quads, for example an Articat or Kawasaki.

Can be used on small to medium surfaces, for example:

  • Hard to reach places, such as benches and dustbins, around pales, corners and road edges
  • Narrow passages and alleys
  • Along walls, curbs and pedestrian-/  cycle paths
  • Shopping and city centers
  • Along highways and motorways
  • Bus stops and platforms
  • at hospitals and offices
  • Housing corporations and private areas
  • Finishing of larger weed control projects
  • Industrial sites
  • City squares
  • etc, etc